Kieron Brown

The 2nd last person we talk to this week is Kieron Brown, aka Bam Bam Brown

Bam Bam Brown is the darling son of the Cape Town music industry. Widely considered as one of the Mother City’s most unique and fresh new acts, Brown originally cut his teeth as frontman of local stalwarts Saintfearless and Feverstone, as well as being the brainchild for the much acclaimed QOTSA tribute show series, and the Wild Professors music network that aims to provide consistent collaboration between all cultures and creeds. He can be seen on tour this Summer with Southern WIld, Brynn and Hezron Chetty & The ZugZwang

1. What is your favourite song, pre 1980

The Doors – Break on Through

This was the first song I ever remember being absolutely enchanted by. A killer rhythm, simple but effective poetry and the first time I recall being properly switched on by a band.

2. What is your favourite guitar solo in a song?

Incubus – Moments and Melodies

Chris Bornman (Stoker) came running over to my place when this album dropped and it is hands down our favourie guitar solo. Partly because it’s a prime example of how less is more, and partly because we both got comfort in knowing you didn’t have to shred to deliver a timeless guitar piece.

3. Who is you all time favourite vocalist, male or female?

Allison Mosshart of The Kills – Black Balloon

I think comparison hinders me from picking my favourite male vocalist, but I could listen Alison Mosshart sing for days on end. I love it when a vocalist can deliver so many sincere versions of themselves vocally. She is fierce, tender, hurt, turned on and fearless in her singing.

4. What is your favourite “chill” song?

Khruangbuin – Mr White

I just discovered this band at a friend’s house in Berlin. I picture myself coming home to a shag carpet with a pet panther and a clap light with a disco ball attached to it. It’s by far the smoothest music I’ve had the pleasure of listening to in a long time.

5. What is your favourite song from 2017?

Kendrick Lamar – Rigamortis

It’s actually no secret I am a fan of hip hop. Not to discount the trap era but I am anticipating it’s end to make way for more intellectual, and ground breaking music. Hip Hop moguls are the rock stars of our now, and deservedly so. This track is an old Kendrick song but it has dominated my year, and my playlist.