Peter Blackbeard

Next up for 2018 is Peter Blackbeard from Satanic Dagga Orgy

Peter Blackbeard is the lead singer for Satanic Dagga Orgy, and one of the founders of Speedofest. He is an amateur gardener and a professional dickhead. He’s been called ‘that oke with the beard’ but that could also have ben Kobus de Kock or Carl Dos Santos. His 1st ever performance was doing karaoke to Brayn Adam’s ‘Summer of 69’ and he only figured out in 2015 that Al Simon was calling someone ‘Betty’ and not ‘Eddie’

1. What is your favourite song from the 90’s?

Semi-charmed life – Third Eye Blind

‘Semi-charmed Life’ from Third Eye Blind – it’s upbeat, super catchy and is secretly one of the most depressing songs on the planet. I like that everyone sings it without knowing it’s about Meth addicition. Either that or TLCs ‘Waterfalls’

2. What is your favourite local song?

Maximum – Fuzigish

Fuzigish – Maximum. Fuzi are the fucking best. That is all.

3.What is your favourite balls to the wall rock song?

Killing in the name – Rage against the Machine

4.  Who is your favourite female vocalist (solo or part of a group/band) – choose one song from her.

Katie Earl from The Mowglis – San Francisco

At the moment it’s probably Sarah Blackwood from Walk Off the Earth or Katie Earl from The Mowgli’s – here’s The Mowglis with ‘San Franciso’

5. What is your favourite song from 2017?

Here I am – Grassy Spark