Francois van As

Todays 5 questions goes to Francois van As. Let’s see (or rather hear) what his answer are.

I’m an award winning musical stand-up comedian, karaoke demon and classic sci-fi enthusiast. When I’m not thinking of new ways to pay my rent, you can find me with friends at a local pub in Struisbaai (finding new ways to spend my rent money.) Find me on Facebook –

1. What is your favourite Beatles OR Rolling Stones song?

The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby

2. What is your favourite punk rock song?

Belvedere – Slaves to the pavement

3. What is your favourite collaboration?

Queen and David Bowie – Under pressure

4. What is your favourite local pop song?

Mango Groove – Dance some more

5. What is your favourite song of 2017?

Nothing But Thieves – Amsterdam